Dog Breed Spotlight

Learn more about these wonderful dog breeds by clicking on the name below. We have them organized by class according to the American Kennel Club groups. Use the information to determine if these dogs are right for your family.

Herding Hound Toy Non-Sporting
Herding Dogs Hounds Toy Breeds Non-sporting Breeds
Australian Shepherd Afghan Hound Chihuahua Boston Terrier
Belgian Malinois Basset Hound Pomeranian Bulldog
Border Collie Beagle Toy Poodle Dalmatian
Collie Bloodhound Pug French Bulldog
German Shepherd Dachshund Shih Tzu Poodle
  Irish Wolfhound Yorkshire Terrier  


Sporting Terrier Working Miscellaneous
Sporting Dogs Terriers Working Dogs Misc Dogs
Cocker Spaniel Australian Terrier Bernese Mountain Dog Dutch Shepherd
German Shorthaired Pointer Irish Terrier Boxer Lancashire Heeler
Golden Retriever American Staffordshire Terrier German Shepherd Mudi
Labrador Retriever Scottish Terrier Great Dane Norrbottenspets
Pointer Welsh Terrier Rottweiler  

Obviously, we have not listed ALL of the dog breeds - yet.  We also have not written a detailed blog post about all of the dogs listed - yet.  Check back often as we fill in the blanks.  Also, be sure to check out our social media pages for updates and let us know which breeds you want to learn about next!