Here you can find the basic instructions for our Signature Series Kennels

The basic installation steps are always the same for our Signature-Series Dog Kennels - regardless of your layout.
The only difference is the measurements between the posts.
Below you will find common layouts and the specific instructions for them.


How to install your Signature Series Dog Kennels:

Supplies needed:

Prepare the area for kennels:

  1. Mark the corner of the area you want the kennels to sit.
    • A chalk-line works great for this!
  2. Check the corners for square.
    • If you do not have a square - a simple measure-test can determine how square you are.  See the downloadable instructions below for steps.

Kennel Assembly Instructions:

  1. Anchor a post-foot in one corner.
  2. Measure to the next post.
    • We supplied a measure-stick with pre-marked holes that fit the top of the post-feet to make it easier!
  3. Anchor a second Post-foot in place.
  4. Continue until all the post-feet are in place.
    • Once you get 4 post-feet in place, you can start to construct the rest of the kennel.
  5. Set the posts on the feet and bolt them into place.
  6. Install the skirt dust-cover.
  7. Bolt the panels to the posts.
    • Panels wider than 4ft will have 3 parts to them - be sure to check your printed instructions for more information.
    • The rubber gasket goes on the bottom - against the floor.
  8. Attach the Hinge-bars to the posts.
    • The paw-prints should be at the TOP.
  9. Attach the header-piece to the posts.
  10. Drop the gate into the eyebolts you want to act as the hinge.
    • The gate will not reach the other side yet - we have more pieces to add.
  11. Attach the latch-assembly to the other side of the gate.
  12. Attach the post-cap.

Assemble the Kennel Safety Features:

  1. Attach the gate safety screw.
    • This keeps the dogs from lifting the entire gate off the hinges.
  2. Attach the latch-lock to the top of the gate.
    • This keeps the dogs from lifting the latch while inside the kennel.

Gate Adjustments:

  1. Loosen the header-piece.
  2. Have someone PUSH the top of the LATCH-post.
  3. While pushing, have someone tighten the header-piece.

Latch Adjustments:

  1. Pull gate off the hinge-bars.
  2. Screw the TOP eyebolt IN on the hinge-side.
  3. Screw the BOTTOM eyebolt OUT on the hinge-side.
  4. Re-hang the gate.
  5. If needed-adjust the eyebolts on the latch-side to match.

Learn how to care for your kennels by clicking here.


There are many ways you can lay out your dog kennel facility.
There isn't a 'perfect' layout, but there are some that work better in certain situations and applications.

Full Kennels with Backs:

Diagram:Size: Instructions download link:
 Layout for a 3ft x 5ft full dog kennel system  3ft x 5ft kennels
 Layout for a 4ft x 4ft full dog kennels system  4ft x 4ft kennels
Layout for a 4ft x 6ft full dog kennel system 4ft x 6ft Kennels
Layout for a 4ft x 8ft full dog kennels system 4ft x 8ft kennels
 Layout for a 5ft x 5ft full dog kennels system  5ft x 5ft kennels



Kennels attached to your existing walls:

Diagram:Size: Instructions download link:
Layout for 3ft x 5ft kennels  3ft x 5ft kennels  
 Layout for a 4ft x 4ft dog kennel system using existing walls  4ft x 4ft kennels
 Layout for a 4ft x 6ft dog kennel system using existing walls 4ft x 6ft Kennels


 Layout for a 4ft x 8ft dog kennel system using existing walls 4ft x 8ft kennels
 Layout for a 5ft x 5ft dog kennel system using existing walls  5ft x 5ft kennels

 Check out a price-list for the components needed to build these kennel configurations.
Be sure to check your quote for the specific kennel layout that matches your project.