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What Our Customers Are Saying


Joseph Hudson

Hudson's Canine Kennels

"I purchased 51 dog runs from gator kennels, although a long wait to receive due world shortage in todays issues, it was well worth the wait. I house thousands of dogs a year and I was onto the next investment to make canine lives that much safer and nicer. Gator kennels did that for me. All measurements were perfect, the layout is easy to understand. Most importantly it’s extremely safe for canines and extremely easy to clean for my team of cleaners and trainers. I have personally cleaned them myself and wow do they beat cleaning crates! I plan to build out more facilities in the future and I plan to do business with gator kennels again and again. Thank you for smooth process"

Christie S

Manager - Tanner's PAWS

"We are so impressed with our kennels. We think they are absolutely adorable and everyone that sees them thinks they look so nice! The logo turned out amazing and the plastic that is used is very sturdy. In addition to the wonderful workmanship, your customer service is extraordinary! You were very easy to get a hold of, answered any questions we had and you were always very pleasant. When we were referred to you, we were very hesitant as we had never heard of Gator Kennels before and wanted a nice product and someone we could trust. You gave us all of that. Furthermore, you kept in contact with us from start to finish so we knew exactly how our kennels were coming along."

We're Hiring!

If you are in the Loveland, Colorado area and want to help us build kennels - then check out our job posting.
Work a consistent full-time schedule with optional available overtime!
Check out the details or contact us for more!

Adam Harbin

Franchise Developer - The Ark Pet Spa & Hotel

"Gator Kennels are a great product at a competitive price point. When stacked up against competitors the customization, quality, and customer service all hits high marks. We use gator kennels at 3 of our 5 locations and will be converting all of our locations to gator kennels in the future. All future (The Ark Pet Spa & Hotel) locations will be using their kennel system."

Tonya P.

Owner - High Rocking Aussies, California

"We received our kennels for our whelping area for our girls. Super impressed with the quality of the product. Super happy should have done this years ago."

Kanzaidy Frank 

Owner - SZ Rolling Acres, Iowa

"Not only was their customer service incredible but the way they worked with me to create exactly what I envisioned was amazing. The kennels are super heavy duty and we get compliments on them all the time! I highly recommend them!"

Randy Olson

Owner - Jagger's Doggy Daycare

"We recently ordered multiple gates from Gator to replace full size doors that we had on our Presidential Suites. We were thrilled with the quality, the ease of installation, and the functionality of the gates. This is a great product. I just wish I would have known about them sooner."

Greg S

Owner - K9 Clubhouse, Canada

"All the details have been thought of and the materials are high quality. The most impressive factor has to be the packaging and labeling of the kennels, it really made installation easy."


Owner - All About Animals

"I want you to know that when I first looked at the kennels, what primarily made my decision was price. I needed kennels for approximately 1 year before I am relocating. After they were installed, I realized the kennels were not only aesthetically beautiful as they do not have the harsh clamor of stainless steel, but the dogs love them! We have tile floors on the bottom of the kennel and the dogs walk right in! I think they think they are in their pantry at home which we both know is a place all dogs love to be! You will definitely have my business for my future kennels."

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