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Starting Your Own Dog Daycare or Boarding Company

Over the years, we have learned about many aspects of the dog daycare / boarding business.  We gathered the information and put it into a series of blog posts and web-pages. This is a list of where you can easily find that information. 

Some topics focus on the specifics of the dog care industry, while others are more general business-related.

Keep in mind that there is no "wrong" way to do things - and this list is not necessarily the "best" way to get started.  It is simply a list of what we have noticed.  Many of the blog posts highlight some of the reasons behind some of the decisions and offer some tips.  The hope is that these articles will provide you with some ideas to help you with your project and provide some insight into some aspects you may not have considered.


Starting your dog daycare business

  • Finding a location
  • Determining the size of the business
  • Creating a business plan
  • Finding financing
  • Protecting the business
  • Determining the price to charge

Facility Setup


Maintaining the Business

Be sure to check back often as we add to the list!
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