Our commercial dog kennels are constructed from Aluminum Posts that support HDPE plastic panels.

Many different sizes and configurations can be created by simply mixing and matching the different size panels to the posts.

Some common kennel layouts are:

Dog Kennel Part Costs:

ComponentPartPrice Each 
posts Post $110 10-kennel-layout.png
dog kennel wall-bracket Wall Bracket $32
6ft dog kennel panel 6' x 6' panel $290
5ft dog kennel panel 5' x 6' panel $270
4ft dog kennel panel 4' x 6' panel $250
3ft dog kennel panel 3' x 6' panel $230
2ft dog kennel panel 2' x 6' panel $160
4ft dog kennel gate. 4' x 6' gate* $400
4ft dog kennel Door.

4' x 6' door
with glass*

3ft dog kennel gate. 3' x 6' gate* $380
3ft dog kennel gate.

3' x 6' door
with glass*


*Gates come standard with clip-board clip, kennel numbering, standard paw-print design and Gator Kennels patented hinge/latch system. Prices subject to change without notice due to material and shipping cost increases. Contact Gator Kennels for updated information.

Notice that the best way to create a layout is to center the posts on a common 3' or 4' width and any combination of panel sizes for the length.


Contact us for more layout ideas or for a detailed quote of your project.

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