If you are thinking of starting up a dog daycare/boarding facility - there are a number of franchise options available!  Franchises help you start up by providing insight/expertise and a structure for your business.  Many times the franchise is operated by knowledgeable people who have been in the industry many years and know how to handle every situation.

    There are many franchises to choose from - and they have different structures.  Some have 'buy-in' costs - while others do not.  Most require a % of sales goes back to the corporate company in return for the knowledge, support, and advertising they provide.  Be sure to check with each company to learn what the fees might be before joining. 

   Gator Kennels is not directly affiliated with any specific franchise - but we have provided kennels for a number of franchises across the United States.  From small 2-3 store operations to 100+ store mega-franchises.  We cannot offer advice as to which franchise might be the 'best' for you - but there are some things to consider:

  • Check out franchises in your area.  If you do not decide to team up with them - they will most likely compete with you in some way.  Either way, it is good to see how they operate.
  • Check out well-known franchises.  There is a reason they are well-known.  They are either doing a lot of things 'right', or have a lot of advertising power, or have a structure that allows for good growth.  In any case, knowing how they operate can help you too!

Some Franchises we have worked with in the past:


Preppy Pet

Preppy Pet is a complete turn-key daycare/boarding system! All of the costs are displayed up-front without any hidden charges. 

Contact info:
Jerry Gore
phone - 407-420-1060
 The Ark Pet Spa

The Ark Pet Spa

The Ark Pet Spa & Hotel was created to provide a fun, safe, loving environment for pets while their parents are away!


Contact info:
Adam Harbin
phone - 1 (855) 611-7387

The Dog Stop

America's favorite and only All-inclusive dog care facility offering doggy daycare, overnight boarding, grooming, obedience training, in-home services and a retail store packed full with the best foods, treats, toys and accessories available.
Contact info:
Jesse Coslov
phone - 1(855)635-3935 x.700


and More!  

(There are many other franchises.  Some of which we have not talked to directly. Others we respectfully withheld the franchise contact into from this list when asked to).

If you are a franchise and wish to include your information to this list, please contact us.


How does Gator Kennels help Franchises?

     We understand that right behind the daily operations and the service that franchises offer, the brand or 'look' of the facility is important! We offer kennel packages that provide a unique branded look or theme.  We can offer custom-colors, logo/designs, and themed kennels that help carry your brand throughout the facility!  Additionally, purchasing your kennels from one supplier means they will all function the same - making it easier to train new employees! 

Our idea of building kennels to be more like tools help reduce operating costs by:

  • Saving time - time spent cleaning the kennels, caring for the kennels, and replacing the kennels is greatly reduced.
  • Reduce injury - We have spent a LOT of time engineering our kennels to reduce the potential for injury wherever possible.
  • Reduce the spread of disease - Using materials that are naturally anti-microbial and easy to clean with a variety of disinfectants keeps your facility running at full capacity more!
  • Kennel Organization - Including features such as kennel numbers, clip-board clips, and offering a variety of other useful features keeps thing organized.


If you are a franchise - or are thinking about starting franchising, feel free to contact us for more ideas on how the kennels can help you turn your franchise into a more successful business.