Yard Signs

Let everyone know how much you love dogs!
All signs can be used outdoors and will not fade or get damaged by rain or snow.

  • Yard sign that reads: Please Pick Up After Your Dog. Made from HDPE plastic in lime-green, navy-blue, red, tan, and white.

    Yard Sign - Please Pick Up After Your Dog

    Help remind neighbors to be respectful and clean up after their pets on your property. These attractive "no-poop" yard signs are made from solid HDPE plastic. Will not fade or droop over time! The design in engraved into the plastic so it will not...

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  • Funny yard sign showing a dog wagging its tail. Sign is red with yellow lettering that says: Caution: Wet noses & wagging tails.

    Yard Sign - Wet Noses & Wagging Tails - Dog Sign

    Let everyone know your love for dogs with this funny yard sign! Modeled after a standard Caution sign, this sign lets everyone know that there are wet noses and wagging tails in the area. Features: 12 inches wide x 18 inches tall x ½ inch...

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