Replacement Parts: Posts

Replacement Parts for Kennel Posts

Dogs will be dogs - and things wear out!
Most of the time you do not need to replace the entire post-kit.
Get the replacement accessories for your kennel posts here.

  • Concrete Sleeve Anchor for Gator Kennels.

    Concrete Anchor

    Concrete sleeve-anchor with nut and washer.  This is a replacement part only!  Our Kennel Post-kit and our Post Foot comes with 4 of these anchors standard.   Features: 3/8 Diameter x 3 inch length. Full-length sleeve for...

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  • Dog kennel post cap.

    Post Cap

    This plastic dust-cover keeps the hair from filling the post. This is a replacement part - our post-kit already includes this part.

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  • Plastic foot to anchor post to concrete floor.

    Post Foot

    This post-foot is the kennel component that holds the kennel post to your concrete floor. This is a replacement part only! Our post-kit includes this part standard. Features: All-plastic construction to eliminate rust! Mold-resistant! Easy post...

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  • Post skirt for dog kennels.

    Post Skirt

    This plastic dust-cover keeps the hair from gathering around the bottom of the post. It also protects the dogs feet from the concrete-anchors that stick up out of the ground. This is a replacement part. The post-kit includes this part...

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