There are many ways you can lay out your facility.  There isn't a 'perfect' layout, but there are some that work better in certain situations and applications.


Here are a few common Layouts we see often:

Layout: Pros:Cons:
dog kennel layout Face to face kennels.
  • Single aisle in middle of room.
  • Easy to access the dogs.
  • More Costly.
  • Can block windows.
Dog Kennel Layout Back to back kennels.
  • Cost Effective.
  • Two Aisles needed.
 Dog Kennel Layout  Kennels attached to existing walls
  • The most Cost Effective
  • Single aisle in middle of room
  • Walls need to be 'dog-proof'


Some common kennel sizes are:

Size: Pros:Cons:
 Layout for a 3ft x 5ft kennel system  3ft x 5ft kennels
  •  Great space-saver for small to medium sized dogs.
  •  Not as great for large dogs.
 Layout for 4ft x 4ft dog kennels  4ft x 4ft kennels
  •  Very common "average-sized" kennel.
  • Fits most configurations easily.
Layout for our most common 4ft x 6ft kennels 4ft x 6ft Kennels
  • Most common size.
  • Most cost-effective/sqft.
Layout for 4ft x 8ft kennels. 4ft x 8ft kennels
  • Large kennels can house large dogs or a family of smaller dogs.
  • Takes of a lot of space.
 Layout for 5ft x 5ft dog kennels  5ft x 5ft kennels
  •  Large kennels can house large dogs or a family of smaller dogs.
  •  Uses more pieces to construct.
  • More costly.


This is not a list of ALL the sizes you can make with our kennels!  Nor are these the only layouts you can do!

It is possible to mix/match various sized panels, posts, and gates to create just about any size and configuration you may need!

Also, we have the ability to 'custom-size' the panels.  For example, if you need a 42" wide panel - tell us - we'll make it for you!