Dog Kennel Materials

Gator Kennels uses materials that are designed to last a long time and hold up to the rigors of the industry.  By using materials that do not rot, rust, or absorb water; we ensure your investment will last as long as possible.

Flame-resistant icon Nonflammable - will not continue to burn when source of flame is removed.
Water-resistant icon Water / Urine resistant - Will not absorb water/urine.
Mold-resistant icon Mold / Microbe resistant - The Materials are FDA approved for use in the food industry due to their natural anti-microbial properties.
no silicone used

No Silicone - We do not use silicone simply because it does not last.  It dries out over time.

If ingested by cats or dogs, a trip to the veterinarian is required.

Lead-free icon

No lead or other heavy-metals - no dangerous metal coatings the dogs can ingest.

Materials sourced in the USA and guaranteed to be free from harmful heavy metals.

 recycle icon

Recyclable - The kennel structure is made from 35% post-industrial recycled materials.  

Most of the kennel structure is recyclable (Aluminum, HDPE, and PVC).

Made in the USA icon Sourced and manufactured in the USA - The materials are sourced from U.S. manufacturers and assembly performed in the USA.