Gator Kennels uses materials that are designed to last a long time and hold up to the rigors of the industry.  By using materials that do not rot, rust, or absorb water; we ensure your investment will last as long as possible.

Flame-resistant icon The kennel structure is built from a material that will not burn!
Water-resistant icon The materials are; by nature - waterproof and non-porous.
Mold-resistant icon Mold resistant.
no silicone used We do not use silicone simply because it doe not last.  It dries out over time. If ingested by cats or dogs, a trip to the veterinarian is required.
Lead-free icon All materials are lead-free.
 recycle icon The kennel structure is made from 35% post-industrial recycled materials.  Most of the kennel structure is recyclable (Aluminum, HDPE, and PVC).
Made in the USA icon The materials are sourced from U.S. manufacturers and assembly performed in the USA.