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Upgrade the look of your commercial kennel facility with these kennel doors!  The tempered glass offers the most visibility into the kennel while also providing the most strength and scratch-resistance. Connect the gate to our Signature Series posts - or use wall-brackets to attach to your existing walls!

Standard Features:

  • Clip-board clip - to keep track of the dog's needs.
  • Patented Secure Latch - includes a secondary lock for even more security.
  • Kennel Doors swing either direction and can be switched if you remodel or change your mind!
  • Paw-print design - or add your own design!
  • If you are looking for kennel doors without glass - check them out here.

The kennel door is designed for a 36" or 48" wide opening. Other sizes may differ in cost. Contact us for the cost of different sizes. These gates are designed to attach to our Posts-kits or use Wall-brackets to attach to your existing walls!

Customization is available for the kennel door. Choose to showcase your organization's logo, design or enjoy our standard paw print designs! There is a one-time artwork fee of $50 for your custom logo or design per project (it only costs $50 - no matter how many gates you buy!). The kennel doors can also be made in different colors. Other colors are available with a minimum purchase amount - contact us for more details.

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Frequently asked Questions - Kennel Doors:

Our kennel doors come with the clip-board clip, paw-print design and the dog-bone header-piece. You can choose between the full glass - or ½-glass.

Our patented kennel door latch is unique to the industry.  We have 4 points of contact - this means the large dogs trying to push at the top of the gate cannot go anywhere and the small dogs trying to squirt out the bottom are also contained.

The latch itself is a piece of the same material the rest of the gate is made from that slides up and down.  Lifting on the little slot will raise the latch to open the gate.  See this graphic for a better visual.

Absolutely! It is common for us to create 'odd-sizes' to fit your space perfectly.  The easiest thing to do is measure the width of the space (from wall to wall) that you are trying to fill with a door. We will do the necessary math from there to ensure the door fits!

Our hardware allows for ½ inch of adjustment for each door. Additionally, if needed, the latch-width can be further adjusted to make the door fit. Naturally, the closer the measurements are up-front, the easier the install and the less adjustments will be needed.

We can work with just about any file type including: .AI, .EPS, .PS, .PDF, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp

Our material supplier can match most paint-colors - however, they require we purchase a minimum amount of material in order to complete the match. Our supplier not only needs to match the color - but they need to clean out their machines of all the other colors in order to build our material. This process takes a long time - which is why they require the minimums. Currently, they require we purchase 120 sheets (so that would make 120 gates - or roughly 40 4ftx6ft kennels). Contact us for more information about custom colors.