Sit Means Sit - Firestone, Colorado

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Sit Means Sit in Firestone, Colorado needed space to separate the dogs that are there for training from those boarding overnight. Our professional dog kennels worked well.

Sit Means Sit - Firestone ordered their kennels in the classic tan color with the standard paw print. The gates are half glass and half solid. The glass allows great visibility into the kennel while the solid bottom half helps reduce stress for the dogs as well as allowing them to relax behind it instead of constantly seeing what's going on. This facility utilizes the standard feature of the clipboard clip to hang that guest's information. The tempered glass also allows for them to be used with dry erase markers for quick notes. Cleans easy and looks great!

Sit Means Sit is a nationally known training facility with over 135 franchise locations across the United States and Canada. Be a part of your dog's training or drop them off for boarding and have them trained during their stay!