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Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts

Dogs will be dogs - and sometimes things wear out!

Here you can find most of the parts needed to get your kennels looking good as new!

Most of the hardware used in our kennel systems can be found at local hardware stores.  Some parts and pieces are harder to find - and others we build ourselves to fit the exact needs of the kennel situation.  Most of these replacement parts are in-stock in a limited supply.  Other parts (like the bigger kennel components - or customized components) need to be built.  This may take some time (depending on the project, the lead-time can be a couple of days to a couple of weeks).

Contact us for specific lead-times and availability.

Some of the wear and tear on your kennels is caused by the cleansers and sanitizers used to clean the kennels. Some of these chemicals can prematurely damage the kennels and cause the hardware to wear out sooner.  For more information on the types of cleansers to use to avoid this situation, check out our kennel care page.

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