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Kennel Post Kit

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18-20 Weeks
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The post is the main support structure for our Commercial Dog Kennels. Using this post, you can attach panels or gates to create the kennel layout of your choice! Pre-drilled holes on all four sides allow you to attach panels to any side of the post for an endless array of layout options! We supply concrete anchors to anchor the post to your floor. We highly recommend you anchor at least the posts that are supporting the gates. This will keep the dogs from pushing the kennels around and it will help keep the gates lined up for proper latch function.

Post measures 5" x 5" x 72" tall


  • Each side of post has attach-point for panels or gates - making an easy modular system.
  • Skirt hides all hardware at the bottom of the post where it is bolted to the floor.
  • Cap on top of the post for a stylized look and keeps hair from filling the post.


Dog Kennel Assembly Instructions
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Replacement Parts for Dog Kennels

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  • 5
    Kennel post kit

    Posted by Bijan on 2020-04-20

    Great product and look great and great customer services

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Hadi H. on 2017-12-11

    We always order our kennel from gator we never had any issue. Great quality.

  • 5
    Strong supports

    Posted by Pampered Paws Pet Spa on 2017-12-10

    Strong supports and easy/smooth installation. Measuring tools/bars given for exact placement.

  • 4
    Love the Kennels!

    Posted by Charlene B on 2017-12-10

    There's so many great things about the kennels. The overall look of course, the packaging was very clear and easy to read, the paw print to guide up or down is great and looks cute even after installation. The area that we had the hardest time with was the installation. It's hard to find a room that has 100% straight walls and floor. So after drilling in the footings multiple times we had to cut them out. My husband, brother and sons worked on it for 3 very full days. We could not install them. It was one step forward, 2 steps back. In the end we found it was best to assemble a side wall and then attach it to the back wall assembled, before drilling the footing into the concrete. The only tricky part was then putting the cover over the footing. But after each one was done we would take the wall off, slide the footing cover down and then reattach, so very slow process. If there was a way that the covers could snap over the footings after it would be easier. I'm not sure if this makes sense or not. It's harder to explain in text. But overall the kennels are creating quite a buzz.

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