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This plastic dust-cover keeps the hair from gathering around the bottom of the post. It also protects the dogs feet from the concrete-anchors that stick up out of the ground. This is a replacement part. The post-kit includes this part.


  • Keeps hair from gathering at the bottom of the post.
  • Protects the concrete anchors.
  • Reduces the likelihood of dogs getting injured on the concrete anchors.
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    Post skirts

    Posted by Phyllis Manning on 2020-10-12

    I had the very same problems with the post skirts cracking and we purchased our kennels in 2015. As you know it is indeed a pain to have to disassembly the kennels especially when the lower bolts seem to rust. I've sprayed them down with Blaster a penetrating spray and let it soak for a couple of days, however some of the bolts still broke off. With that being said you either have to drill an additional hole in the aluminum post and kennel walls in order to replace the screws with bolts. So a very painful repair to say the least. The new skirts do seem to be made of a better material so lets keep our fingers crossed.

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    New material

    Posted by josh on 2020-01-29

    I purchased my kennels in 2012 and had a few of these crack over the years. I don't think a dog broke them - they just cracked. I purchased a couple replacements and the new ones seem to be a different material. They are smooth and more bendy (less brittle). They are also slightly thicker. It was a pain taking apart my kennel in order to install the new ones - since you have to unbolt EVERYTHING. but it seems these new ones will last longer.