We don't just build kennels. We also offer accessories, equipment, and kennel supplies to help keep your facility running smoothly.

  • Clipboard clip with two screws for sale.

    Clipboard Clip

    Attach your information cards right to the kennel with this clipboard clip!  This feature comes standard with all Gator Kennels gates - but if you need a replacement, or simply want more clips - this is the part to...

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  • Custom plastic large cutting board in use cutting vegetables.

    Cutting Boards

    Perfect for preparing your favorite dish!  These plastic cutting boards includes a juice-trap and a stylish Paw-Print or popular dog-breed to show how much you love dogs!  Great for vegetables, fruits, meats, herbs, or anything you may need to...

    $10.00 - $15.00
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  • Photo of lime green transfer gate system showing gate and rails installed on a wall.

    Guillotine Transfer Gate Kit

    Guillotine-style Transfer Gates keeps dogs from entering or exiting the kennel. The rails allow the gate to slide easily without the need for lubrication! Unlike other gates made from metal, ours will not bind, collect hair, or rust! Standard...

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  • Dog kennel top.

    Kennel Lid

    This kennel lid keeps the clever dogs and jumpers from escaping! Most breeds cannot escape our kennels - but there are a few innovative dogs that have figured out how to jump off other objects in the kennel (like a bed, other dog, etc) and reach the top...

    $300.00 - $360.00
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  • Navy blue heart kennel numbers / identifiers.

    Kennel Tags - Suite Numbers and Identifiers

    One easy way to help keep track of dogs, cats, or other critters at your daycare or boarding facility is to have numbers or tags on the kennels. These plastic number-plates can be hung on the gates of your existing kennels, the walls, or any other place...

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  • Kennel Leash Hook to store leashes.

    Leash Hooks

    Attach this double-hook system to any open hole on the kennel post to create a convenient place to hang leashes or other personal belongings. Made from robust HDPE plastic, these hooks will last a lifetime. Comes with 1 stainless steel bolt to attach.

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  • Logo Cover Plate

    Logo Cover-plate

    If you are rebranding - or maybe you purchased kennels from a different facility, you might want a new logo or design on the gates!  These cover-plates will cover the old logo with a new design! We will need to know the old name/project so that we...

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  • Please pick up after your dog image yard sign made from HDPE plastic in all available colors.

    Please Pick Up After Your Dog | No Dog Poop Signs

    Help remind neighbors to be respectful and clean up after their pets on your property. These attractive "no-poop" yard signs are made from solid HDPE plastic. Will not fade or droop over time! The design in engraved into the plastic so it will not...

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  • ProFleece Vetbed for puppies.

    ProFleece VetBed

    ProFleece® is the original vet bed used in Europe for all kinds of pets! We started importing this material in 2018 and quickly found it is hard to beat! Knitted from a durable chew-resistant yarn; Vet Bed is one of the densest materials available at...

    $25.00 - $275.00
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  • Pulley for Gator Kennels Guillotine Gate system. Kennel supplies and parts for dog kennels.


    Great for use with our Guillotine-style dog doors this pulley-block can be mounted to your wall or ceiling. Use rope or cable to lift the gate. Galvanized finish.Use up to 5/16 rope or cable.

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  • Lime Green Transfer Gate system showing gate and rails.

    Transfer Gate Panel (plastic)

    Transfer gates keeps dogs from entering or exiting the kennel. It also helps seal the opening from weather.  These Panels are replacements for our Transfer Gate Systems.Standard Size: Gate:17" wide x 29" tall (Others sizes available on...

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