Red River Pet Resort, Oklahoma

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Red River Pet Resort in Oklahoma sure looks bright after installing our red Signature Series kennels! The large play-area is surrounded by the kennels which helps to ensure that everyone can partake in playtime! And watch all the action while they rest!

Red River purchased their kennels in 2017. They chose to get their kennels in the classic red color, which makes their custom logo in white really pop. Their gate headers were also custom numbered to help keep all those pups accounted for! Red River Pet Resort purchased our most popular sized kennels of 4ft by 6ft, which fits their area perfectly!

This daycare, boarding, and grooming facility not only features the large open play space with lots of fun equipment to play on, but they also offer luxury suites. Some of the suites have specialty beds for your furry friend, like a pirate or princess bed! We wish some of the places we stayed at had fancy beds like Red River!

Red River Pet Resort said, "We love them!" when asked about their Gator Kennels. We bet your favorite friend will love them too!