Mugu's Pet Resort, Georgia

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Mugu's Pet Resort in Georgia used their existing walls and added Gator Kennels gates to liven up their space! And boy does it ever!

Mugu's purchased their kennel gates in 2018, in these awesome and bright custom colors! The custom colors rotate between purple, red, teal, yellow, and blue. They utilize several types of gates, full slotted, half slotted/half solid, and half glass! All the gates sport the classic paw-print, while sporting custom numbering for the gate headers.

Due to the existing walls, each gate was made with exact measurements to each opening. Not all openings using cinder-block walls are a standard size, therefore each opening needed to be measured individually for the gates to fit perfectly! 

Mugu's Pet Resort, is a daycare, grooming, and boarding facility. They even have a boarding webcam so you can keep on eye on your furry friend! Your favorite pooch can also experience some supervised pool time! We think we might like to stay at Mugu's Pet Resort ourselves and take a dip in their awesome pool!

Be sure to check out Mugu's colorful kennels next time you are in Georgia!