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     If you are a non-profit animal rescue, spay/neuter service, or other not for profit organization - we'd like to thank you!  We offer a discount and free custom logo on all orders.

     To get started as a non-profit, create an account and contact us with your 501c information.  Once we verify your account and organization, your discount will be automatically applied to every purchase you make on our website!

     Gator Kennels are ideal for non-profit facilities for many reasons, here are a few:

  1. Easy to clean
  2. Professional looking
  3. Reduce disease and illnesses
  4. Keep employees and animals safe 

     Need to raise funds to purchase your kennels?

  • Host a fundraising event and allow donors to be featured on the custom gate headers of the kennels.
  • Gator Kennels custom clocks can be personalized with your logo in the same color of your kennels to use for silent auction items or as a great addition to your facility's decor at a discounted rate!    


     Contact us to ask about creating coupon-codes that you can give out to your generous donors to help purchase items you need!  This allows your donors to get the same discount when they order products on your behalf! Think "kennel registry!"

     How does the Coupon-code work?  Simply apply the coupon-code at checkout and be sure the non-profit's address is the ship-to address.  The website will automatically deduct the discount from the order total and the product will be shipped directly to the non-profit!

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