What happened to the Cat-Hotel and Double-stack Kennels?


You might have noticed the Cat-Hotel units and Double-stack kennels are no longer available.

Our material supplier for those units decided to stop making the unique PVC material that we use for those kennels.  Covid-19 caused our supplier to re-tool their machines and switch to building the clear plastic for sneeze-guards and face-shields instead of the material we need for kennels.  While a clear cat-hotel might be interesting, it is not very practical.  Plus, they are not making materials thick enough to handle the weight of dogs in a double-stack situation any more. Unfortunately, that supplier was the last company in the United States making that specific recipe of plastic.

This means we no longer have a source for the unique material for those units.  We decided that we did not want to compromise our product-line with a lesser material. We know there are other options for stacked dog kennels and cat enclosures and did not want our kennels to be a step backward.

For those reasons we came to the difficult decision to stop producing the Cat-Hotel and Double-stacks altogether. 

We are still making the large custom dog kennels.  Information can be found here.

We apologize for any inconvenience.