We know that deciding on and purchasing your kennels is a long-term investment. That is why we only use quality materials and a sturdy construction to ensure the kennels will last a lifetime. Our one of a kind customized kennels are easy to maintain with common suggested kennel cleaners. With our low maintenance and high quality and professional kennels, it allows you to focus on your customers, guests, and patients, human and animal alike. Whether you choose our Signature Series (custom dog kennels), our Double-Stacks (bank cages), or our Cat-Hotel (cat housing), each product is made to order and customized for your needs and desired style. With each inquiry we provide a comprehensive image within our quote that shows exact designs of the dog kennels layout. The customization capabilities are endless with the equipment we use. All of our kennels are perfect for any sort of pet business including, dog kennels for boarding, cat cages for shelters and rescues, dryer cages for grooming, cat kennels for breeders, or cage banks for veterinarian care, the possibilities for the uses are endless! 

We treat the kennels as tools - rather than just a box to put a pet in.


Our goals include:

  • Making the kennels safer.
  • Making the kennels easier to clean.
  • Include standard features that other companies do not include or include for an extra charge.
  • Make kennels that last as long as possible.
  • Make kennels that look great!

We pride ourselves in making quality, professional, and customized enclosures for animals. 

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Our Cat-Hotel, Double Stack for Boarding, Double Stack for Grooming, Signature Series Dog Kennels, as well as other kennel supplies, accessories for the kennels, replacement parts and upgraded options.

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Lime-green dog kennel gates.

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