Veterinary Kennels

We know that your Veterinary Facility needs a LOT of equipment - and the kennels shouldn't have to be the toughest choice to make. Our standard built-in features (like the clipboard clip) makes the kennels more like tools rather just a place to house your patients.

We also have the ability to make the kennels fit the style of your facility. If you are going for a more modern look, we can keep the gates very plain with clean angles. Or if you want something less industrial - we can do that too! With multiple colors to choose from, we can match just about any style.

We sell our kennels by the component because it can save you money. Kennels that are right next to each other can share parts. For example, kennels that are side-by-side share the side panels between them - so you do not have to buy an extra panel! This means the prices are greatly influenced by the layout of your facility. Contact us for a free quote/consultation where we can help you determine the best layout or check out some other layouts here.

Dog Kennel Gate Assembly Instructions
Learn more about sloped floors in your kennel facility.
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Dog Kennel Layouts
  • Black dog kennel door with individual gate components listed. Door components include the gate hinge, gate latch, a clipboard clip, and kennel number.

    Kennel Door

    Upgrade the look of your commercial kennel facility with these dog kennel doors! The tempered glass offers the most visibility into the kennel while also providing the most strength and scratch-resistance. Connect the door to our kennel post - or use...

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  • Black dog kennel gate with individual gate components listed. Gate components include the gate hinge, gate latch, a clipboard clip, and kennel number.

    Kennel Gate

    The gate is where everything happens in a dog kennel. That is why Gator Kennels gates are designed to take the abuse, are easy to clean, and have useful features built-in! These professional dog kennel gates are constructed from rugged ½" thick...

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  • HDPE Dog Kennel Panel Colors.

    Kennel Panels

    Attach this kennel panel to a post to create a side or back to your dog kennel or kennel run! Each panel is solid ½-inch thick HDPE Plastic. The solid isolation panel reduces fence - fighting since the dogs cannot see each other. Also reduces...

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  • Dog kennel post kit.

    Kennel Post Kit

    The post is the main support structure for our Commercial Dog Kennels. Using this post, you can attach panels or gates to create the kennel layout of your choice! Pre-drilled holes on all four sides allow you to attach panels to any side of the post for...

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  • Wall bracket for dog kennels.

    Wall Bracket

    If your walls are 'dog-proof' you can use your existing walls as part of the kennel!  This saves you money because the back or side panels do not need to be purchased.  Instead, use this wall-bracket to attach the kennel directly to your wall!...

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