We have some very exciting news! We’ve leveled up!

Where we started:

Let’s start off at the beginning, when we were just a little company….

Gator Kennels started making custom animal enclosures in 2010.
But before that, from 2002-2010, we were building prototype parts for other companies such as Kodak, HP, Hach, Sportman's Warehouse, and others. The materials we use today for our kennels are the same that we used for projects for those other companies. Countless hours have been spent researching the market and the needs of specific industries including animal boarding, grooming, veterinarians, rescues, and daycares. We have a big picture mentality here at Gator Kennels. All of our projects are built to order and customized. Our kennel material is sourced and made in the U.S.A. and assembled right here at Gator Kennels in Colorado.

Fun Fact:

Does Gator Kennels have an alligator there?! The answer is no, we do not. We do, however, have a 24 year old turtle and some fish! Gator Products was also making fishing products and the founders thought an alligator fly fishing would look cool and apropos. The name was changed to Gator Kennels in 2010 when we focused specifically on building kennels.

Where we were:

For the better part of 13 years we were located on the east side of Loveland. We made the kennels in two separate buildings totaling about 7,000 square feet in total. One building was our aluminum shop, while the other building housed our office space, the shipping department, and the plastic shop. We were a small but mighty 8 person team . Our aluminum shop had 2 CNC routers while our plastic shop had three. We really embodied the saying; “we are a small business that makes big and impressive products.” We loved our old shop and tight-knit group, but we simply outgrew the space and needed to expand to fulfill the needs of our ever growing customers.

Gator Kennels old location showing the aluminum manufacturing shop. Blue metal building with multiple overhead doors.

Gator Kennels old location showing the plastic manufaturing shop. Tan metal building.

Old shop locations showing the Aluminum manufacturing space (blue building) and the Plastic manufacturing space (tan building).

Where we are:

We officially made the big move in July of last year, to the other side of town. While the transition wasn’t an easy process (or short one), the results have been incredible. We are now in a 26,000 square foot space and are all under one roof! Not only did we gain more space but we also gained 4 new CNC routers and new employees, 9 to be exact! The larger space allowed us to have better defined and more spacious areas for each department. While we are so excited about all of the change and growth we have experienced this year, the most exciting part for you is that our lead times are significantly shorter!

flat bed trailer with a CNC Routing machine loaded and strapped down. Semi delivering multiple new machines to Gator Kennels.

Trucks carrying our machines to the new location.

inside the new manufacturing space for Gator kennels. new forklift is moving CNC Routers to their final spot. Manufacturing space of Gator Kennels. Multiple machines visible including CNC Routers, Dust Collectors, and assembly benches.

Inside the new building as we added machines and after we got everything up and running.

Where we are going:

The future's so bright and we can not wait to share with you all that we have on the horizon!

We have a media area which will allow us to create and produce exciting future projects, including new content, marketing materials, and updating our website. We will also be testing new product ideas. Our newsletter and blogs will also be making a return on a regular basis. So be sure to sign up below to keep up with all our future endeavors and news!

No matter where we are located or what we have in the works - you can count on Gator Kennels to bring you state of the art, functional, long lasting, and exceptional quality products that you and your pups will love!

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