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Gator Kennels' Signature Series kennels is the most economic, versatile, and customized dog kennel system on the market!  Our standard features such as: a clip-board clip, kennel numbering, and a four-point latch system couple with the ability to integrate special features such as custom logos, glass, and the fast-feeder - your kennel system has the look, feel, and function that you need.

This kennel system is comprised of Aluminum posts bolted to your floor that support ½" thick HDPE panels and gates.  This allows us to adjust the sizes to meet your needs! Standard sizes available - or mix and match standard panels to create your own sizes. Panels can also be cut down for custom-widths - allowing you to truly match any space! Save some money by sharing side or back panels and save even more by attaching the kennels to your existing walls! The possibilities are endless. 


Standard Features:

6' tall Anodized Aluminum Post

  • Each side of post has attach-point for panels or gates - making an easy modular system.
  • Skirt hides all hardware at the bottom of the post where it is bolted to the floor.
  • Cap on top of the post for a stylized look and keeps hair from filling the post.

6' tall HDPE Plastic Panels.

  • Other colors available!
  • Panel has rubber-gasket to seal the panel to the floor.
  • Lower 4' is solid to reduce fence-fighting.
  • Upper 2' can have cutouts to increase ventilation and light.

Kennel Gates

  • Other colors available!
  • Header above the gate adds strength and a place to label each kennel.
  • Stock designs (paw-print or dog-bone) - or we can add your company logo!
  • Gates can be hung to swing either direction - and switched later if needed.

Since the kennels attach to each other, your layout greatly influences the overall cost.  

Check out some common layouts with pricing:

For a complete price-list: click here.

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Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for us to build and ship your kennels!

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4 to 6 weeks.

6 Reviews

Jeri B Jun 6th 2017

We LOVE our new Gator Kennels!

They are not only beautiful but perfect for dogs - from 2lbs-200lb! Our clients all love the way they look. From beginning to the shipment arriving, you were a pleasure to work with. Thank You! Saalo Farms.

Samantha B Jun 1st 2017

We absolutely love our Gator Kennels!

Josh has been helpful through the entire process! We opened a boarding facility (Dog Tales Day Camp & Boarding) over 6 months ago and our kennels still look brand new. They are sturdy, easy to clean, safe, and cozy for our dog adventurers! The ability to personalize and brand the kennel gates has been a huge customer 'Wow' factor during tours. The dogs also enjoy retreating to their personal safe place, and will walk to their door when they are finished with play group. I can't recommend Gator Kennels enough!

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