Dog Kennel Runs

      The Signature Series is our kennel run system designed for large dogs. This custom dog kennel system is comprised of Anodized Aluminum Posts bolted to your floor that support ½" thick HDPE plastic kennel panels and gates.  The kennels are designed in such a way that you can mix/match sizes and configurations easily.  This allows you to build any size kennel - or add more pieces to build a full kennel run!

Large Dog Kennels

Stock Colors:
Grey Gator Kennel Gate example Royal Blue Gator Kennel gate example Red Gator Kennels Gate example  Lime-white Gator Kennels Gate example
Grey / Black Royal Blue / White Red / White Lime-green / White
These colors are in-stock 99% of the time year-round.


Our Signature-Series kennel-runs consist of these elements:

6' tall Anodized Aluminum post-kit:
  • Each side of post has attach-point for panels or gates - making an easy to customize system.
  • Eliminates the need for a 'threshold' below the gate to trip over.
  • Skirt hides all hardware at the bottom of the post where it is bolted to the floor.
  • Cap on top for a stylized look and keeps hair from filling the post.
  • All hardware included.


6' tall HDPE Plastic Kennel Panels:
  • Panel has rubber gasket to help seal the kennel panel to the floor.
  • Lower 4' is solid to reduce fence-fighting.
  • Upper 2' can have cutouts to increase visibility and ventilation.
  • Standard sizes available - or mix and match panels to create your own custom sizes!
  • Kennel panels can also be cut down for custom widths.


Kennel Gate:
  • Kennel numbering comes standard with each gate.
  • Clip-board clip (standard) allows for information-cards to be attached directly to each gate.
  • No exterior frame to trip over.
  • Tempered glass can be added (+$85) to increase visibility and reduce noise.
  • Add your logo or design for a truly custom look!


Wall Bracket:
  • Attach your kennels to your existing walls to save money!
  • Can be used to attach kennel panels or kennel gates!


Some common kennel sizes are:

Size: Pros:Cons:
 Layout for a 3ft x 5ft dog kennel system  3ft x 5ft kennels Great space-saver for small to medium sized dogs.  Not as great for large dogs.
 Layout for 4ft x 4ft dog kennels system  4ft x 4ft kennels

Very common "average-sized" kennel.

Fits most configurations easily.

Layout for our most common 4ft x 6ft dog kennels system 4ft x 6ft Kennels

Most common size.

Most cost-effective/sqft.

Layout for 4ft x 8ft dog kennels system 4ft x 8ft kennels Large kennels can house large dogs or a family of smaller dogs. Takes up a lot of space.
 Layout for 5ft x 5ft dog kennels system  5ft x 5ft kennels  Large kennels can house large dogs or a family of smaller dogs.

Uses more pieces to construct.

More costly.

6ft x 6ft dog kennels 6ft x 6ft kennels Extra Large kennels can house a family of dogs.

Uses more pieces to construct.

More costly.

Takes up a lot of space.

Check out our price-list for the components needed to build these kennel configurations.

This is not a list of ALL the sizes you can make with our kennels! Nor are these the only layouts you can do! It is possible to mix/match various sized panels, posts, and gates to create just about any size and configuration you may need! Also, we have the ability to 'custom-size' the panels! For example, if you need a 42" wide panel - tell us - we'll make it for you!

Assembly Instructions Check out how to assemble the dog kennels.

Download this page Download the information about our Signature-Series Dog Kennels and Kennel Runs.


Use the links below to purchase Signature-Series components

Keep in mind the quantities you need is dependent on your layout.

Contact us for help with your layout.