Replacement Parts: Transfer Gates

Replacement Parts for Transfer Gates

Dogs will be dogs - and things wear out!
Most of the components on the Guillotine-style transfer gates can be replaced.
Find the parts you need here.

  • Photo of lime green transfer gate system showing gate and rails installed on a wall.

    Guillotine Transfer Gate Kit

    Guillotine-style Transfer Gates keeps dogs from entering or exiting the kennel. The rails allow the gate to slide easily without the need for lubrication! Unlike other gates made from metal, ours will not bind, collect hair, or rust! Standard...

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  • Pulley for Gator Kennels Guillotine Gate system. Kennel supplies and parts for dog kennels.


    Great for use with our Guillotine-style dog doors this pulley-block can be mounted to your wall or ceiling. Use rope or cable to lift the gate. Galvanized finish.Use up to 5/16 rope or cable.

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  • Lime Green Transfer Gate system showing gate and rails.

    Transfer Gate Panel (plastic)

    Transfer gates keeps dogs from entering or exiting the kennel. It also helps seal the opening from weather.  These Panels are replacements for our Transfer Gate Systems.Standard Size: Gate:17" wide x 29" tall (Others sizes available on...

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  • Aluminum Transfer Gate Rails

    Transfer Gate Rails (pair)

    Transfer gates need to slide easily - our anodized aluminum rails never need lubrication!  Nor will the rails collect hair - which is what causes the other slide-rails to fail.  The extra-thick aluminum cleans easily and can be used for a...

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