Humane Society of Lincoln County, Tennessee

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Humane Society of Lincoln County uses our Cat-Hotel for their adoptable cats. Since the kennels are easy to clean, the cats stay healthier, which not only gives them a better chance of being adopted sooner but also helps keep medication and health expenses down for the Humane Society, allowing their donation dollars to stretch further.

Gator Kennels Cat-Hotels feature extra cubbies which allows cats to have more living space. The extra cubbies are accessible through cat portals which can be closed, using the provided plastic divider. By utilizing the dividers the cat can be sequestered in the main living area while shelter volunteers can clean the liter area and place food in the upper cubbie. This not only keeps the cat from escaping but it is also safer for the caretakers.

The Humane Society of Lincoln County purchased their Cat-Hotels in 2016, in this beautiful custom bright blue color, making their logo really stand out!

Here is what Donna P. from the Humane Society of Lincoln County had to say about their Gator Kennels Cat-Hotels;

"...We have seen a marked decrease in respiratory issues since we moved our felines out of the open wire cages and into the Gator condo’s. The felines also seem far happier - we think having the private cubbies which they didn’t have in the wire cages has made a huge difference in reducing their stress levels... The kennels look as good as they did when they arrived and we get lots & lots of compliments on them! We recently had a visit from the regional ASPCA vets and regional directors, and they loved them (took lots of pictures too!). We’ve highly recommended them to everyone who asks!"

Humane Society of Lincoln County is the first place you should contact when you need a new furry feline friend!

This project uses our Cat-Hotel unit.

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