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Attach this kennel panel to a post to create a side or back to your dog kennel or kennel run! Each panel is solid ½-inch thick HDPE Plastic. The solid isolation panel reduces fence - fighting since the dogs cannot see each other. Also reduces cross - contamination as the dogs cannot nose each other through the fence. Pre-drilled holes and inserted nuts means you have less hardware to assemble.


  • ½" thick HDPE Plastic.
  • Panel has rubber gasket to help seal the panel to the floor.
  • Lower 4' is solid to reduce fence - fighting.
  • Upper 2' can be slotted for ventilation (costs extra).

We can also custom-cut panels (up to 6ft long). Longer spans can be created by using multiple panels and posts.

Check out some of the common kennel layouts we see often.

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  • 5
    Kennel Panels

    Posted by Monica Pierson on 2024-05-23

    What I would like to review is the GREAT service, excellently planned product, great installation support & the quality of Gator Kennels. They have been so amazing to work with on my project. I highly recommend this company & their kennels!!!!!

  • 4
    They look good and are easy to clean

    Posted by Happy Dogs Boarding & Daycare on 2024-05-16

    I love the color choices and the overall sturdiness of these panels. The only issue we had when assembling them is that a couple of the panels were slightly bowed, requiring some manipulation to get the bolts to fit into the holes in the posts. On one of the panels, we shifted it enough times that the rubber stripping at the bottom came loose but was an easy fix, so no worries. The kennels are beautiful, and extremely useful in my small daycare/boarding business.

  • 5
    Kennel Panels

    Posted by Tom Hill on 2024-01-15

    These are extremely durable. We just started using them with the dogs at the shelter and they are holding up very well. These are some big dogs too. Well made!

  • 4
    Kennel Panels

    Posted by Pettis County K9 Academy on 2024-01-02

    Strong & sturdy but they bow easily if stored incorrectly too long. The cut outs for the post feet could be a be fit and the back wall panels should have the same rubber bulb seal on bottom as the side panels. All in all though, they work great.............................

  • 5
    Great kennels

    Posted by Animal Urgent Care on 2023-10-02

    This is a great kennel system. Super easy to put together/install. Much better quality than the big stainless steel kennels and a much better company to work with. We now just need to get them to make cage banks!

  • 5

    Posted by Traci Kinard on 2023-04-03

    Easy to install look great

  • 5
    Kennel Panels

    Posted by Lolita Shaffer, The Wagmoor on 2022-11-07

    LOVE these kennels. Well made, easy to clean, looks very professional.

  • 5
    Dressed up an older area!

    Posted by Red River Pet Resort on 2022-11-02

    Thank you so much for the panels! They made our older section look much more friendly & professional!

  • 5
    Large kennels and cottages.

    Posted by Michelle Romero on 2021-05-26

    Love our kennels, ordered the glass fronts and they are so easy to clean! Great customer service.

  • 5
    Dog kennel panel

    Posted by Bijan on 2020-04-20

    Great product and great customer services

  • 5
    Wall panels

    Posted by Bijan on 2020-04-20

    Easy to install, clean and look good Great design Most of all a great costumer services

  • 5
    great product and even better service!

    Posted by Austin T. on 2019-09-03

    We just installed our new kennels and love them. great product and even better service!

  • 5
    We absolutely love our Gator Kennels!

    Posted by Samantha B. on 2019-09-03

    We absolutely love our Gator Kennels! Josh has been helpful through the entire process! We opened a boarding facility (Dog Tales Day Camp & Boarding) over 6 months ago and our kennels still look brand new. They are sturdy, easy to clean, safe, and cozy for our dog adventurers! The ability to personalize and brand the kennel gates has been a huge customer 'Wow' factor during tours. The dogs also enjoy retreating to their personal safe place, and will walk to their door when they are finished with play group. I can't recommend Gator Kennels enough!

  • 5
    Fantastic customer service.

    Posted by Jeff G. on 2019-08-28

    Fantastic customer service. They made a small measurement error and we made an installation error. Both of which they assisted with immediately. Super nice looking kennels!

  • 5
    Love our kennels.

    Posted by Rebecca T. on 2019-06-17

    Love our kennels. Very aesthetic and user friendly. There was a small problem with our order and Jason fixed it immediately and satisfactorily!! Will definitely buy again!

  • 5
    Thank you!

    Posted by Renalda B on 2017-12-10

    First I want to thank you for your great service. Fed ex man-"I have never seen anything packaged so great like this ! This was a great job" Carpenter-" Wow! This is really package great. Have never seen anything come this well packaged" (when opening the crates)" I have never seen anything so marked to great detail; must be women packaging this for them" LOL Just wanted to pass on the awesome work you and your team did!!!

  • 4
    Love the Kennels!

    Posted by Charlene B on 2017-12-10

    There's so many great things about the kennels. The overall look of course, the packaging was very clear and easy to read, the paw print to guide up or down is great and looks cute even after installation. The area that we had the hardest time with was the installation. It's hard to find a room that has 100% straight walls and floor. So after drilling in the footings multiple times we had to cut them out. My husband, brother and sons worked on it for 3 very full days. We could not install them. It was one step forward, 2 steps back. In the end we found it was best to assemble a side wall and then attach it to the back wall assembled, before drilling the footing into the concrete. The only tricky part was then putting the cover over the footing. But after each one was done we would take the wall off, slide the footing cover down and then reattach, so very slow process. If there was a way that the covers could snap over the footings after it would be easier. I'm not sure if this makes sense or not. It's harder to explain in text. But overall the kennels are creating quite a buzz.

  • 5
    Quality Product

    Posted by Pampered Paws Pet Spa on 2017-12-10

    Quality product and smooth installation!! Packaging was phenomenal and arrived with absolute no defects!! Highly recommend spending the money, you get what you pay for!!