Kennel Panel

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Attach this panel to a kennel post to create a side or back to your dog kennel! Each panel is solid ½-inch thick HDPE Plastic. The solid panel reduces fence-fighting since the dogs cannot see each other. Also reduces cross-contamination as the dogs cannot nose each other through the fence.  Pre-drilled holes and inserted nuts means you have less hardware to assemble.


  • ½" thick HDPE Plastic.
  • Panel has rubber gasket to help seal the panel to the floor.
  • Lower 4' is solid to reduce fence-fighting.
  • Upper 2' can be slotted for ventilation (costs extra).

Part of the Signature Series kennels.  Other components include:


Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for us to build and ship your kennel project.

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4 to 6 weeks

3 Reviews

Renalda B Dec 11th 2017

Thank you!

First I want to thank you for your great service.

Fed ex man-"I have never seen anything packaged so great like this ! This was a great job"

Carpenter-" Wow! This is really package great. Have never seen anything come this well packaged"

(when opening the crates)" I have never seen anything so marked to great detail; must be women packaging this for them" LOL

Just wanted to pass on the awesome work you and your team did!!!

Charlene B Dec 11th 2017

Love the Kennels!

There's so many great things about the kennels. The overall look of course, the packaging was very clear and easy to read, the paw print to guide up or down is great and looks cute even after installation.

The area that we had the hardest time with was the installation. It's hard to find a room that has 100% straight walls and floor. So after drilling in the footings multiple times we had to cut them out. My husband, brother and sons worked on it for 3 very full days. We could not install them. It was one step forward, 2 steps back.

In the end we found it was best to assemble a side wall and then attach it to the back wall assembled, before drilling the footing into the concrete. The only tricky part was then putting the cover over the footing. But after each one was done we would take the wall off, slide the footing cover down and then reattach, so very slow process. If there was a way that the covers could snap over the footings after it would be easier. I'm not sure if this makes sense or not. It's harder to explain in text.

But overall the kennels are creating quite a buzz.

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