Garrard County Animal Shelter, Kentucky

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Garrard County Animal Shelter in Kentucky needed to update their kennel facility.  The original kennels were really falling apart - creating a hazard to the dogs and employees!  We originally looked at replacing the gates and keeping the block half-walls - but after a number of issues were found with the existing block, it was easier to simply replace everything.

Garrard County had a great crew come in and tear out the old kennels.  The floors were washed and resealed before the new kennels were installed.

The new kennels are 4ft wide x 6ft long x 6ft tall. The lower half of the gate is solid to reduce fence-fighting and to calm the dogs down. The top half of the gate is slotted. The stylish running paw design makes the kennels look great!

Garrard County expects adoption-rates to increase as the updated facility looks more inviting.  It is also much easier to maintain - allowing the caretakers at Garrard County Animal Shelter to spend more time caring for the dogs and less time cleaning!

If you ever find yourself in the market for a new furry family member be sure to check out Garrard County Animal Shelter's adoptable pets first!