City of Atlantic Animal Shelter, Iowa

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City of Atlantic Animal Shelter uses Gator Kennels for their furry guests.


They ordered their kennels in 2021 in lime green and grey. Their custom logo really pops on both color gates! The solid bottom portion allows the more timid dogs to hide and feel safe, while still leaving great visualization into the kennels through the slotted top portion.


As quoted by the customer:

"Even though they always had their own personal space the space now feels better to them. They are overly happy to come inside after a day out playing lay on their beds and enjoy some time to themselves. Before my office was in another building because it was just too much to try and work in the same area, we kenneled the dogs. Now my office is in the same building only a few rooms away. They come inside and enjoy their time. Even when I take potential adopters back to the kennels to meet the dogs, they don’t start barking they calmly come up to greet people. Of course, you will always get a bark or two out of them, but nothing obsessive."


Next time you are looking for a new four legged family member, be sure the check out City of Atlantic Animal Shelter first!

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    Perfect Kennels

    Posted by Kris Erickson on 2023-10-19

    Our shelter was built in 1986 with little to no upgrades between then & 2021. The shelter was nearly impossible to keep clean & the dogs hated being in their kennels. We upgraded to Gator Kennels & could not be happier. Easy to clean. The dogs love being having privacy & their own personal space. We even remolded to add our offices in the same building & work comfortably without issue of noise or smell. Happy dogs & happy staff. These are so easy to clean & maintain. The look is stunning with custom logos & bright colors to warm up the look.