Camp Kodah Bed & Biscuit, Oregon

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These clean, black kennels look so professional in this facility! The built-in clipboard clips help the staff keep track of the occupants' information.

Camp Kodah ordered their custom kennels in 2019, in classic black. Their custom logo on the gates and the numbered headers really pop on this sleek color! The kennel gates are half-solid on the bottom portion of the kennel gates which allows the more timid dogs to duck behind and feel safe, while still leaving excellent visualization into the kennels through the glass top half.

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    Posted by Peggy Smith on 2020-11-02

    great place to take the dogs, they love going there and playing with the other dogs ....They always come home so tired from playing and the owner Teri is so nice and friendly, she sends us pic. and videos of the dogs playing with each other....Lots of running room etc...Thank you Teri for having our fur babies for the day.. Luna and Dixie are so happy to be there for the day..