Transfer Gates

There are many names that can be used for the type of gates that we will be discussing in this blog. They can be called transfer gates or doors or some know them better as Guillotine gates. Does anyone else first associate Marie Antoinette when they hear that word, guillotine?? Or is it just us? Well we aren't talking about the medieval death contraption but rather the gate or door used specifically for dogs.

In any case, it might be fun to know a little bit more about the history of the guillotine, a short version of course. The Guillotine device was invented in 1792 by a French surgeon and physiologist named Antoine Louis, hence why it was first called the "louisette or the louison" (2019, Britannica). But the "instrument for inflicting capital punishment by decapitation," was the result of French physician Joseph-Ignace Guillotin's pushing for passing a law in 1789 that required all sentences of death be carried out by "means of a machine" (2019, Britannica). The Guillotine was used for death punishment until 1981. Pretty interesting right?!

 A guillotine or what we at Gator Kennels like to call a Transfer gate is a way to transfer something from one area to another or to completely block access. 

What are Guillotine or Transfer gates used for?

In the instance of dogs, the transfer gate allows a person to give access to the dogs to another area such as outside to a play yard or outdoor area or from kennel to kennel. Transfer gates are also used to control or stop the flow of water in rivers and canals, as well as used for livestock. 




Sounds similar to a doggie door, right? It is similar but the biggest difference is that doggie doors can be accessed by the dog, while transfer gates can only be opened by humans to allow the dog access. A person can lift the panel either manually or with a pulley system. 

Pulley System

By using a pulley system with your transfer gates, it allows you to lift the door without entering into the kennel. There are many ways to mount and use a pulley system, but the placement and use are all the same. 

Here are some simplified instructions:

  • Attach rope or cable to the gate.
  • Install 1 pulley block directly above the transfer gate door.
  • Install the 2nd pulley block above the kennel gate for example or the area you want the rope to come back down.
  • By pulling down on the rope will lift the gate.
  • You can then secure the rope or cable to leave the gate open for continued access.

While there are many different options for guillotine style dog gates, using Gator Kennels' Transfer Gates has a lot of advantages.


Our Transfer gate doors are made of 1/2" HDPE plastic. This plastic will not warp, is non-flammable, mold resistant, waterproof, and will not stain. Our Transfer gate slide rails are made of 3/4" anodized aluminum which will not bend or rust. The materials we use will not only withstand the most feisty dogs but will stand the test of time while remain looking brand new!


Our Transfer Gate system comes in one standard size. The slide rails are 3/4" wide and 47" tall. The gate door is 29" tall and 17" wide. Dogs of all sizes can easily use the system. We recommend cutting the opening size in the wall no larger than 15 1/2" wide and 27" tall. Our gate panel weighs about 9 pounds. 


While the Transfer Gate system comes in one standard size, there options for the color of the gate panel. Our stock colors are tan, lime-green, navy blue, red, white, and black. The slide rails are the natural silver aluminum color. As mentioned above the gates can be installed into a wall for outside access or they can be cut into the panels of the Signature Series kennel system. 

Pulley System:

This system was described above but specifically regarding Gator Kennels' pulley system; it is an optional add-on feature. You can add 2 pulley blocks with your Transfer Gate system. We do not however, include the rope or cable, not knowing the type of material you would prefer to use or the length in which you need the material, and the slide rail hardware to attached it to your wall, are not included items as it varies so much from project to project. The hardware will differ if you have a block wall vs a standard framed wall with drywall.



The Guillotine or Transfer gate is a great way to grant access for dogs without creating a large opening as well as having the control of their access. Gator Kennels' Transfer Gates are not only customizable and professional but also functional and sleek.

Give us a call today, we would love to help you create the perfect kennel system for your facility!