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Transfer gates keeps dogs from entering or exiting the kennel. It also helps seal the opening from weather.  The rails allow the gate to slide easily without the need for lubrication!  Unlike other gates made from metal, ours will not bind, collect hair, or rust!

½" thick door made from HDPE Plastic with ¾" anodized aluminum slide-rails .

Color-option is for the gate-only!  The slide-rails (included) are always natural silver aluminum color.

The optional pulleys allow you to lift the gate remotely (from outside the kennel).  Simply attach a rope or cable to the gate, install one pulley directly above the gate and the other pulley above the kennel gate (or area you want the rope to come back down).  Pulling down on the rope will lift the gate - allowing the dogs to go in and out!

Please note:

  • Rope/Cable is NOT included (as we do not know how much you will need for your project).
  • Also, anchors or bolts to attach the rails are NOT included (as we do not know the exact construction of your walls to provide the appropriate anchor).
  • Optional pulleys can be added to make it convenient to activate the transfer gate from outside the kennel!
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1 Review

Jenn 01 30 2020

Heavy-duty Gates!

These gates are heavy-duty (much thicker than my previous gates). They also slide incredibly easy. The rails are thicker and do not get bent. Well worth the price!

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