Dog Behavior 101: Noise

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We all can visualize the scene at any facility that has more than one dog.... As soon as you stroll through the door you are "serenaded" by the chorus of many dog's songs. Kennels, doggie daycares, rescues, vet clinics are not known to be quiet as say a library but isn't that the nature of the beast? There is discussion about whether all that noise and "serenading" has a real affect on the dogs. While we as people may have an opinion about the noise, it is easy for us to walk outside to take a break, the dogs don't necessarily have that option at their disposal. 

So for those that believe that all that "singing" has adverse effects on the dogs, there is some advice out there. In Dr. Patricia B. McConnell's blog entitled, "Canine Behavior and Acoustics in Shelters and Kennels" (2013,The Other End of the Leash blog), she explains the science behind the negative effects but also gives several suggestions for solutions on the subject. A specific point she makes to help create a better, less noisy environment is to "decrease visual and acoustic stimulation" (McConnell, 2013, The Other End of the Leash). One suggestion is to cover up the bottom half of the kennel door so that the dog cannot see other dogs walk past, reducing their desire to belt out a tune. 

On the flip side, many believe that while the singing can feel a bit like watching the auditions on American Idol to us, the noise is natural to dogs and is par for the course. Using full glass or full slotted gates eliminates the surprise factor for dogs, the dogs can see other dogs which can bring comfort to the natural pack animals, as well as allowing full visibility into the kennel for caretakers.

The beauty of Gator Kennels is that we provide all options to fit our client's needs! We offer full slotted, full glass, half slotted/half solid, and half glass/half solid kennel gates. And you can mix and match the different types! We also consider our client's needs and space size when making every customized layout. 

No matter what side of the gate you are on, Gator Kennels will meet your needs, and most importantly our furry friend's needs.