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ApexExotics in Idaho uses our Cat Hotel units for their in-home Bengal cat caretaking and breeding business. These units are the perfect place to rear the kittens! 

Our cat condo features extra cubbies which allows the mother cat to roam while keeping the kittens contained and safe. The extra cubbies are accessible through cat portals which can be closed, using the provided plastic divider. Our unique PVC plastic material is easy to clean which is essential for keeping the kittens healthy and disease free. The material also has more insulation factor than plywood - keeping those cute kitties warm!

ApexExotics fully utilized our custom options! Their cat housing unit was built in custom purple and featured their logo. Their Cat Hotels are not only unique but also professional looking. 

Bengal Cats have some of the most unique markings among domesticated cats. Their markings can be described as marble and spotted rosettes. These cat closely resemble the leopard in looks. ApexExotics is a top-notch breeder to these amazing and unique cats!

If you're ever in the market for a house cat that looks like one in the wild, be sure to check out ApexExotics!


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