Animal Adoption Center, Wyoming

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Animal Adoption Center in Wyoming uses our Cat-Hotels for the cats all their adoptable cats and kittens. Gator Kennels Cat-Hotels features extra cubbies which allows cats to have more living space. The extra cubbies are accessible through cat portals which can be closed, using the provided plastic divider. By utilizing the dividers the cat can be sequestered in the main living area while shelter volunteers can clean the liter area and place food in the upper cubbie. This not only keeps the cat from escaping but it is also safer for the caretakers.  Our unique PVC plastic material is easy to clean which is essential for keeping the cats healthy and disease free. Healthier cats lead to less medications and expenses for the animal adoption center. 

Animal Adoption Center purchased their several units in 2016. They chose the sleek grey color which shows off their custom city logo very nicely! This adoption center is located in the heart of downtown Jackson Hole. They are saving the lives of homeless animals through rescue, adoption, education, and through spay/neuter programs. If you are looking at adding to your family, be sure to check out Animal Adoption Center's adoptable cats first! 

This project uses our Cat-Hotel unit.

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