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     If you are looking for a dog kennel system, cat cages, or other animal containment system; Gator Kennels has the solution!  

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      We build all of our animal enclosures to order to ensure that each animal has the proper amount of space and all of its needs are met.  Whether you are a veterinarian, dog groomer, animal shelter, dog or cat breeder, or pet owner, we can build the kennel system tailored to your needs.

 Check out some of the features of the Signature Series Dog Kennels:

Gator Kennels Signature Dog Kennels


 Multi-point hinge system:

    • No metal-on-metal to rust or squeak.
    • Easy adjustment so gates swing easily.
    • Gate swing is more than 180 degrees.

Eye-catching logo or design:

    • No longer do your dog kennels have to look like 'jail' or punishment!

Extra-secure Gate-latch:

    • 4 points of contact for maximum security.
    • Allows the gate to swing either direction.
    • No metal-on-metal to rub or break.
    • Single-handed operation.


Signature Series Kennels installed.  


     Gator Kennels other kennel systems are great too!

Cat Cages

     The Cat Hotel offers our feline friends a place to sleep, perch, and a separated litter-area!


Great for: Cats, Boarding Companies. Animal Rescues

Stacked cage-banks

     These units are pre-assembled cage-banks for dogs, cats, rabbits, or other small animals.  We can adjust the sizes and number of cages to suit your needs.


Great for: Dogs, Cats, Rabbits

Kennels with drains

     Most of our kennel-types can have drains included into them.  This makes them easier to clean!


Great for: Veterinarians, Groomers

Signature Series Dog Kennels

     These large kennel-runs accommodate the largest dogs while still being easy to clean.


Great for: Large dogs, Boarding companies, Animal Rescues



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