Here at Gator Kennels, we think the kennel industry needs a facelift - and we are the company to get things started! Not only did we come up with kennels that look more inviting - we created kennels that have features built-in to help with organization, cleaning, and feeding.  Simple features such as built-in clip-board clips and kennel numbering are standard on our kennels!

signature series installed

      If you are looking for dog kennelscat cages, or other custom animal enclosures - Gator Kennels has the solution! We build all of our animal enclosures to order to ensure that each animal has the proper amount of space and all of its needs are met.  Whether you are a veterinarian, dog groomer, animal shelter, dog or cat breeder, or pet owner, we can build the kennel system tailored to your needs.


Gator Kennels systems:

Stacked cage-banks

     These units are pre-assembled cage-banks for dogs, cats, rabbits, or other small animals.  We can adjust the sizes and number of cages to suit your needs.

 Great for: Dogs, Cats, Boarding companies, Veterinarians

Signature Series Dog Kennels

     These large kennel-runs accommodate the largest dogs while still being easy to clean.

 Great for: Large dogs, Boarding companies, Animal Rescues, Veterinarians

Cat Hotel

     These kennels are specifically made to accomodate cats! Complete with a separate litter-area and resting shelves for the cats to perch on.

 Great for: Cats, Boarding companies, Animal Rescues, Veterinarians

Jackson & Teton County Animal Shelter

     I wanted to give you some feedback on our cat hotels- we absolutely love them! The sliding dividers work wonderfully. I like that you can screw them in place- we realized before the screws were in that cats could push the sliders open! But having the screw come in and out makes them easy to take totally out when we need to do a deep clean. Overall, the entire units are amazingly easy to clean. They are durable and the cats enjoy having fresh open air in the front. Janelle really likes the ledge on the edge that prevents litter, food, etc. from getting out of the cage and onto the floor, but I honestly think it makes it harder to sweep out that very same debris when you are cleaning the cages. That’s really the only downside I have found! That so much for being so willing to work with us and for providing such an amazing end result. We will definitely recommend your company to other shelters and rescues!


Kimber Jones

Jackson & Teton County Animal Shelter

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