If you are starting a dog daycare, veterinary practice, grooming company, or animal rescue, these links will help you find information you need.


Learn more about Gator Kennels:

Professional Dog KennelsLearn more about our dog kennels.

Materials used in Gator Kennels Learn more about the materials we use for the kennels.

Shipping commercial dog kennels around the United States Learn more about how we ship the kennels.

How to lay out your kennel facility See common dog kennel layouts.

Dog Kennel Assembly InstructionsFind our kennel assembly instructions.


Learn about the Pet Care industry:

PACCC - Independent testing and certification to the pet care industry
PACCC or the Professional Animal Care Certification Council is dedicated to bring independent testing and certification to the pet care industry.  The industry had been lacking a standard of care and PACCC strives to change that.
Member of International Boarding & Pet Services Association
The International Boarding & Pet Services Association is a community of pet care professionals that grouped together to share resources, support and insight to help further the growth in the pet care industry.


Starting your own dog daycare or boarding facility:

This blog series hits on a number of common topics that you need to consider when starting your own kennel business. Some topics focus on the specifics of the dog care industry, while others are more general business-related.  Find a quick reference guide here.


Learn about the various Dog Breeds:

Our blog series: Dog Breed Spotlight, highlights each Dog Breed to provide you more information about each type of dog.


Learn about Dog Behavior:

Dogs will be dogs... and they have a variety of behaviors that it is important to know about.  Our Blog Series: Dog Behavior 101 helps highlight some of the important things to know.