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This is a replacement or second bowl for the Gator Kennels Fast-Feeder system. The heavy duty plastic dog bowl is dishwasher safe and is nearly 2-quarts in capacity.  BPA-free.


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    Fast Feeder Bowls

    Posted by Pettis County K9 Academy on 2024-01-02

    Great design and dishwasher safe. However, these really need to be available in stainless steel.

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    great idea but

    Posted by michelle on 2023-09-09

    These are great but in our boarding environment we have excited large dogs end tend to jump at the gates and land on the bowls which cause them to break. We do love the theory and still use the system. We just don't use for all our dogs

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    Dog Bowls

    Posted by Melissa on 2023-07-29

    I own a kennel and have to constantly replace the bowls because they get easily broken with dogs jumping on them and chewed up by the dogs which makes it hard to clean them. Gator kennels really needs to look into a more durable option, specifically metal. In another review they mention dogs breaking a tooth on the metal bowls, but i've had dogs chew and try to eat the bowls which seems way more unsafe then possibly breaking a tooth.

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    Posted by Bowl gets chewed quickly on 2023-07-11

    You need to make a better bowl. We are 1 month old and 4 of the bowls are all chewed

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    Plastic is worthless

    Posted by Carrie on 2023-02-13

    I desperately wish you guys would offer these in a metal/stainless option. Dogs destroy these plastic ones constantly and at $8 a bowl that gets very costly. (From Gator Kennels) - We appreciate your feedback regarding the bowls! We have looked into some stainless bowls - however, at over $75 each, we felt these were WAY out of the price-range! Additionally, we had some dogs break their teeth on the metal bowls! For now, the plastic is the only affordable option that we see.

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    Replacement dog bowls

    Posted by Holly on 2022-05-16

    We love our rotating feeders. Some of the dogs chew on these so metal may be more durable but we like them and they make cleaning and feeding easy!

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    Easy to Break

    Posted by Corey Scheide on 2022-03-08

    The bowls and this system would work way better if they were metal. Dogs chew the bowls often even after appropriate interactions. Often they are broken if a dog jumps up on the door and lands on a bowl even slightly. They just don't hold up in a professional kennel environment.

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    Decent bowls - but I wish they were metal.

    Posted by Corey on 2021-05-23

    My only complaint is that I wish the fast feeder bowls were metal or thicker composite type of material. Several bowels have broken due to an excited dog jumping up on the kennel gate and landing on the bowl.