Tanner's P.A.W.S.

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Tanner's P.A.W.S. in New York, uses our full Signature Series kennels for their rescued and adoptable pets. Since the kennels are easy to clean, the dogs stay healthier, which not only gives them a better chance of being adopted sooner but also helps keep medication and health expenses down for this animal rescue, allowing their donation dollars to stretch further.

Tanner's purchased their kennels in 2012, in classic black. Their gates are full slotted with their custom logo being predominately displayed in the middle of each one. They really utilized Gator Kennels options to fully customize their project with their gate headers. The kennels were sponsored through donations and the donor's names were engraved on each header displayed above each kennel gate! What a great fundraising idea!

Tanner's P.A.W.S. is an animal rescue whose mission is to protect animals through many different ways including rescuing, sheltering, and adoption. This organization was founded in memory of a special pup named Tanner who passed from cancer in 2011.

Be sure to check out this amazing rescue the next time you find yourself ready to add a furry family member to your home!