Pinnacle Pets Play & Stay, Ohio

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Pinnacle Pets Play & Stay in Ohio, provides ample space for the number of visitors they receive every day. Their many kennels range in size with mostly 4ft x 6ft and some suites that are 6ft x 6ft.

Pinnacle Pets purchased their Signature Series kennels in 2016. They chose a beautiful custom purple color that works so well with their logo on each gate. The large kennels feature tempered glass for giving great visibility into the kennels. Each gate features an add-on option, called Fast-Feeders, which help the staff ensure each guest gets fed in a timely and safe manner.

Pinnacle Pets Play & Stay offers doggie daycare, boarding, training, and grooming. A one stop shop for all your precious pooch's needs!

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    We LOVE our Gator Kennels!

    Posted by Marie R on 2017-02-14

    We LOVE our Gator Kennels and I have told several new dog/cat business start-ups about them. They are strong, sturdy and hold up well. We have had our kennels for 3 years. Our average # of dogs per night range between 35 to 68 dogs a night. The exterior of the kennels still look brand new. While some of our kennels have scratches on the interiors, they still look good and have withstood several thousand dogs over the years. Not one of them needs any type of replacement or repair and I imagine they will easily last another 10 years or more. They are easy to clean and very strong. I would never buy any kennel but Gator Kennels. I am happy to recommend both the dog kennels and the cat kennels to anyone considering their purchase.