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Vetbed was originally developed for use in veterinary clinics, but it is now widely used by dog breeders and pet lovers alike! This material makes great whelping pads, cage liners, crate pads, pet beds, kennel pads, and upholstery covers, the uses are endless! It is knitted from a durable, chew-resistant yarn; this material is also one of the densest materials available at 1300 grams/m2. With a pile length of over 1¼" means your pet will stay high and dry! Made from 100% polyester, the vet bed is hygienic, non-irritant, and non-allergenic. You will not find anything this soft, comfortable and durable anywhere else! In addition to being soft and functional it can be rolled up for storage or transportation and will last for many years.

VetBed Features:

  • Liquid drains through - keeping your pet dry and comfortable.
  • Non Allergenic.
  • Non Toxic.
  • Non Irritant.
  • Does not harbor bacterial growth.
  • Quick Drying.
  • 1¼" pile length (thickness).
  • 1300 gsm.
  • In stock - usually ships within 2-3 business days.
  • Made in the USA!

Vet Bed can be easily cut to fit your exact needs! The material will not unravel after it has been cut. Buy a piece that fits your needs - or buy a roll and cut your own! Contact us for sizes not listed.

It is SUPER easy to clean! It is machine washable up to 194ºF.  Quick drying, though it can be tumble-dried on a cool setting in the dryer. However, DO NOT use fabric softener as the build-up of fabric softener on the fleece blocks moisture from going through, and prevents the fleece from doing it's job. The fleece will not shrink - although sometimes the pile may mat or bunch a little.

Frequently asked Questions: VetBed

VetBed is a fabric material designed in a way to keep pets comfortable and warm. It is very thick to provide cushioning on joints and to increase the warmth.

The material is exactly the same... We just made our thicker! The extra thickness keeps the dogs drier and warmer.

They are actually the same material. VetBed is the more common name used in Europe while ProFleece is a brand name.

The material is incredibly easy to clean! Simply throw it in the washing-machine and tumble dry! We also recommend if you are using the vetbed for whelping or with animals with sensitive skin to NOT use detergent (as a residue can be left behind). Another option is to add a second rinse cycle.

Not exactly. The material is synthetic, so it is not really absorbing the fluids - but the design of the material causes the water to wick away from the animal until it can air-dry.

While there is no such thing as a soft fabric that a dog cannot chew, we found most dogs do not chew the material. This does not mean that some dogs will not try! One thing we've learned is that most dogs start chewing the corners of the material first. By setting your whelping box up to protect the corners, the potential for chewing is greatly reduced.

Absolutely! We recommend using a utility or carpet knife. You only need to cut through the back fabric part. You may get a little fluff that comes loose - but the material will not continue to fray! Cut it to fit perfectly inside your crate - or make it slightly oversized and set the crate over the top of it to protect the sides.

Yes! It is a great bedding material for rabbits, guinea pigs and more! It will not get pushed out of the cage like pellets or other bedding material and does not have the dust problem.

Yes! It is made from synthetic polyester, so you do not have to worry about allergies. It is warm and yet soft for the puppies. It was originally developed to mimic the mother dogs' fur coat that the puppies would naturally be in contact with.

8 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Danielle on 2021-06-21

    Absolutely a must for whelping puppies. Quality is excellent. Helps support newborns movement in the whelping box, which is a big deal for giant breeds. Washes very easily. My only complaint is I need a 64" by 64", this only comes in 60". I will definitely order again.

  • 5

    Posted by Jaclynn Robertson on 2021-06-10

    This is our second order. We purchased some 2 years ago, they have held up very well, washed great, and the girls love them. Shipping was quick and easy. When we needed more felt there was no better choice. We have also recommended them to other breeder friends.

  • 5
    Thumbs up...

    Posted by Jim on 2021-06-10

    Apart from the confiscatory shipping charges — $27 from Colorado to Virginia — the pro fleece pad is an excellent product and working out just fine for us.

  • 5
    Absolutely ideal bedding for dogs.

    Posted by Heather on 2021-05-25

    Vetbed is just brilliant. Good insulation and comfortable for the dog and takes no time to dry after washing. We put it down for the our dog where she regularly lies to save the carpet.

  • 5
    Wish I'd found this years ago!

    Posted by Kelly on 2021-05-24

    Absolutely love this. It was a perfect size for placing in front of our hearth so looks like a normal household rug. More importantly, the dogs love it and it doesn't slide around on the laminate when they're playing with our new puppy, rather energetically! It washes lovely too and I wish I'd found this years ago.

  • 5
    Vet bed

    Posted by Joni on 2021-03-26

    Love how fluffy it is! Will definitely be back for more!

  • 5
    Vet Bed for Bunnies

    Posted by Paki on 2021-03-11

    I purchased a Vet Bed for one of my senior rabbits several months ago, due to his sore hocks. I was worried he would dig and eat it, but he didn’t. Instead I found he really seems to enjoy lounging on it. And they’re so easy to care for. I just throw them in the wash on the delicate cycle, and in the dryer for 10-minutes on low. I let it hang dry to spare the latex backing. I plan on ordering another for another seno

  • 5
    Love it!

    Posted by Ellie on 2021-01-27

    Have been looking for a reasonably-priced source for VetBed for awhile now. This looks to be a great quality product, and I am looking forward to using it with my upcoming litter.

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