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Post Skirt

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This plastic dust-cover keeps the hair from gathering around the bottom of the post.  It also protects the dogs feet from the concrete-anchors that stick up out of the ground.  This is a replacement part. The post-kit sold with the Signature Series includes this part.


  • Keeps hair from gathering at the bottom of the post.
  • Protects the concrete anchors.
  • Reduces the likelihood of dogs getting injured on the concrete anchors.

1 Review

josh 01 30 2020

New material

I purchased my kennels in 2012 and had a few of these crack over the years. I don't think a dog broke them - they just cracked. I purchased a couple replacements and the new ones seem to be a different material. They are smooth and more bendy (less brittle). They are also slightly thicker. It was a pain taking apart my kennel in order to install the new ones - since you have to unbolt EVERYTHING. but it seems these new ones will last longer.

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