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Post Foot

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This post-foot is the kennel component that holds the kennel post to your concrete floor. This is a replacement part only!  Our post-kit includes this part standard.



  • All-plastic construction to eliminate rust!
  • Mold-resistant!
  • Easy post alignment.
  • Double-fin design adds strength and keeps the post from twisting.
  • Gasket built-in to the bottom of the foot keeps fluids from creeping underneath.
  • Easy measurement with our 'stick' measurement tool.


Note that some earlier kennels were shipped using an old-style post-foot.  We recommend you use this plastic foot unless you are replacing the old-style metal foot.

Concrete anchors (included) bolt this unit to the floor.

One foot needed per post.

1 Review

Dale 2020-01-30

HUGE improvement!

I had the old metal bases on my original kennels. They rusted out after about 5 years. These ones will not rust! They also made it easier to install with the knobby part in the middle. Simply use the measure-stick and set it on the knob for the perfect length. One thing to note: THEY ARE A DIFFERENT HOLE-PATTERN! I had to drill new holes to get these feet to fit. It was a pain - but I think it is worth it as these should last a LOT longer!

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