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This is the non-slip version of the original green-back ProFleece. Developed for use in veterinary clinics, Vet Bedding is now widely used by dog breeders and pet lovers alike!  This material makes great Whelping pads and cage liners! Knitted from a durable, chew-resistant yarn; this material is also one of the densest available at 1200 grams/m2.  A pile length of 1" means your pet will stay high and dry! Made from 100% polyester, this material is hygienic, non-irritant, and non-allergenic.  You will not find anything this soft, comfortable and durable anywhere else!


  • Liquid drains through keeping your pet dry and comfortable.
  • Non Allergenic.
  • Non Toxic.
  • Non Irritant.
  • Does not harbor Bacterial growth.
  • Quick Drying.
  • 30mm (1.18") pile.
  • 1250gsm.
  • Non-Slipped backing on fleece prevents movement and allows free drainage - Great for groomers!.
  • Imported from Yorkshire, UK.

Can be easily cut to fit your exact needs! We offer many sizes that fit common whelping beds - or we can cut to match the size you need! The material will not unravel after it has been cut. Buy a piece that fits your needs - or buy a roll and cut your own!  Contact us for sizes not listed.

Machine washable up to 104ºF.  Quick drying, though it can be tumble-dried on a cool setting. DO NOT use fabric softener as the build up of fabric softener on the fleece blocks moisture from going through, and prevents the fleece from doing it's job. The fleece will not shrink - although sometimes the pile will mat or bunch a little.


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2 Reviews

Lorraine Manola Mar 19th 2019

Vet fleece

I wish I had used this a long time ago. My puppies are so much dryer and mom loves it. I have some moms that dig their bedding out, but not the fleece.

Gillian K. Jan 5th 2018

Love it!

A friend recommended this product and I’m so thankful! Works great for my whelping box and keeps mom and puppies dry and my floor dry too! Highly recommend getting this if you’re expecting puppies! My only complaint is I need to get more!

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