Gator vs. Laminates

     Many kennel companies use a laminate as the base material for the kennels. This usually consists of a wood product (MDF, particleboard, or plywood) with a thin layer of plastic or watertight coating. Common coatings include Melamine and Formica©. While laminates work well for kitchen counter tops; we protect them by using cutting boards, coasters, and pads. Dogs and Cats do not know how to use such protective items.


     The laminate coatings are usually very thin and can scratch or chip off of the wood. This exposes the wood underneath, allowing moisture to get into the wood fibers. Once inside, the moisture is impossible to get out. Also, the wood tends to swell once it gets wet, causing more cracking and chipping of the laminate material. Humans find ways to protect the laminate. Dogs and cats, however, are not so easy on your kennel system.



     Gator Kennels uses a material that is not laminated. Instead, the material is the same throughout. This means that if the material does happen to get scratched, it will still not absorb any moisture. Since the material will not absorb moisture, bacteria and mold will not grow as fast - if at all!