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Kennel Gate-latch

We developed our kennel gate-latch to solve a number of problems with traditional dog kennels:


dog kennel gate latch

  • First, we wanted a latch that could be operated with one hand.  We assume your other hand is busy controlling the dog. 
  • Second, we wanted a latch that contained all types of dogs.  Large dogs push at the top of the gate while small dogs push at the bottom. 
  • Finally, we wanted a latch that would allow the gate to swing into the kennel - or out into the aisle.  This allows you to choose which direction you need the gate to go (to contain a more aggressive dog - or to work around cleaning equipment).

kennel gate latch operation



  • Patented design (patent number: US 8,844,201 B2)
  • Full gate-height latch.
  • 4 points of contact.
  • Small dogs can't squirt out the bottom.
  • Large dogs can't push open the top.
  • One-handed operation.
  • Latch can be attached to either side of the gate to make the gate swing in the desired direction.
  • Allows the gate to swing into the kennel - or out into the aisle.




This page is simply an informative post about how our latch works.

Our kennel gates are sold with the latch hardware included!


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