Red dog kennels for boarding facilites. Kennel gates include a paw-print logo in white and a built-in clip-board clip to hold papers.
Set your facility apart!


Anybody can get the traditional "jail-look" for their kennel facility - so set yourself apart by making your facility look like a fabulous place to stay!

Add your logo / design to the gates

Have your custom logo or design engraved into each gate so your guests know exactly where they are staying. Or you can choose any of our fun colors to fit your theme. You can even mix and match colors for a more whimsical look - it's really up to you!

Customizable Layouts

Every building is slightly different and you might need to lay out the kennels in a specific way to fit your space. We will help you with your layout and ensure you only order the components necessary to construct the kennels to match your needs. Contact us to get a free quote started now!

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Studies have shown that facilities that look clean and inviting adopt more dogs than those that look like prison or jail.

Get away from the traditional kennel look.

It has been proven that people are more likely to adopt dogs that are clean, look healthy, and are housed in a location that is also clean. Get away from the traditional wire kennels that look like jail and see your adoption rates climb! We offer to engrave your logo - your mission statement - or your biggest donor names into the gate or header-piece (free of charge) to help your visitors know what you are about!

Kennels engineered to stay clean.

The materials we use in our kennels are naturally anti-microbial and easy to clean! The HDPE plastic material is FDA approved for use in commercial kitchens or other food-handling facilities! It can only get this approval due to its ease of cleaning. Use your favorite disinfectant to knock down any disease before it spreads through the facility.

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White dog kennels with tempered glass gates. A swivel dog bowl feeder holds two stainless steel dog bowls and a clip-board clip holds information about the dog on the front of the kennel.

Dark Blue dog kennels with tempered glass gates. A custom logo is engraved on the front of the gates.


If you are going for a more modern look, we can keep the gates very plain with clean angles. Or if you want something less industrial - we can do that too! With multiple colors to choose from, we can match just about any style.

Tempered Glass Gates

Offer the best visibility into the kennel so you can quickly check in on your patient without opening the gate. Can be easily cleaned and sanitized with a window squeegee.

Built-in Clipboard Clip

Keep track of patient records by attaching them directly to the gate! Reduces the hassle of trying to remember where you left the patient records while they are staying with you.

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