The Barker Lounge - Charleston

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The Barker Lounge - Charleston in South Carolina used our kennel gates with their existing cinder-block walls. The walls in blue and the gates in lime green match perfectly with the company's look.

The Barker Lounge - Charleston ordered their gates in 2017 in the bright lime green a custom martini glass design that fits their retro vibe. The full glass gates allow great visibility into the kennels. Due to the existing walls, each gate was made with exact measurements to each opening. Not all openings using cinder-block walls are a standard size, therefore each opening needed to be measured individually for the gates to fit perfectly! 

The Barker Lounge is a fast growing franchise that offers daycare, boarding, grooming, and training at all their facilities. They currently have 9 locations in five different states. The Barker Lounge sure knows how to celebrate your favorite pooch's birthday! And you don't have to be a Rat Pack fan to stay, but we suspect there are lots of Sinatra tones being played! 

Your furry friend will enjoy a nice relaxing stay during their time at any of The Barker Lounge locations! Just look for the big martini glass with dog bone olives!