Paws Here LLC

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Paws Here LLC uses Gator Kennels for their four legged guests.


They ordered their kennels in 2022 in Navy Blue. Their custom logo really pops on their slotted gates. The solid bottom portion of the gates allows the more timid dogs to hide, while still leaving great visualization into the kennel through the slotted top portion.


As stated by the customer:

"We LOVE them!! I have worked various aspects of the dog industry for 30 years. Your product is my absolute favorite in kennels. We’ve gotten more compliments from clients than I’ve ever received at previous places. They are sustaining the bigger breeds well, I’ve had neo mastiffs, shepherds, doggo de argentinas, Great Danes…. Lots of anxiety prone breeds. A lot of the ones owners brought in that said they have anxiety have done so well I didn’t need their meds. I’ve had dogs come in as transfers from other facilities because they weren’t doing well that have done so well here. I think a combo of the kennel & our attitude is the magic combo. They don’t feel trapped in when I’m the gator kennels. 

They are easy to maintain & clean as well. I do have to use a scrub brush to get the muddy feet off the textured walls, but other kennels I’ve had to work harder to clean. These ones take no time at all! It’s made my life pretty easy?"